The Boutique


Luna Rain presents The Boutique by Greg Alexander. What is a boutique? A boutique is a professional services firm past the start-up stage but prescale. Examples can be found in consulting, marketing and advertising, IT services, etc. It’s basically anyone who sells their expertise. There are 1,465,900 boutiques. This book is for them. It is about what firms at scale do. It is about what boutiques need to do to scale. And this knowledge gap between those at scale, and those not at scale, makes all the difference. There is about $2 trillion spent per year on professional services. Those at scale capture most of it. If you want a bigger piece of the pie, you must scale. We are in the golden era of boutiques. The business models of your clients are being disrupted. This makes it virtually impossible for them to have all the required expertise in-house. They are looking for external expertise. They have big budgets to spend. Clients are buying from boutiques in record numbers. The sun is shining. Time to make hay.


Length is 328 pages, Hardcover.

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