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Luna Rain presents Botanical Skin Care by The Herbal Academy. The Herbal Academy’s complete, convenient (and you better believe, beautiful!), illustrative recipe book features 194 tried-and-tested, herbalist-approved body care recipes using herbs and natural ingredients you will actually want to put on your skin and body! Ditch the store-bought, questionable bottles lining your bathroom closet and bedroom vanity—we have taken the daydreaming out of making your own body care recipes and are making it possible for you to easily prepare your own skin care products right at home. Experimenting encouraged!

The 194 recipes provided in this book are curated from the Herbal Academy’s Botanical Skin Care Course, so you can feel confident knowing that these skin care products are safe, effective, and well-loved and used by our team of herbalists!

Whether you’re looking for a rich cream to pamper your face, a soothing salve for minor first aid, or topical support for a chronic skin condition, we’ve got something for you here. By the time you work your way through this recipe collection, you’ll have a full cupboard of incredible botanical skin care products to share with your friends and family—and maybe even your pets and neighbors, too!


Length is 288 pages, Paperback.

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