Ambitious Struggles


Luna Rain presents Ambitious Struggles by James E. Sweeney.

Matthew Elliott’s leadership of Native warriors was crucial in assisting the British in the Revolutionary War and War of 1812, especially in preventing the American conquest of Upper Canada (Ontario) in the 1812 conflict: Think of it; in the absence of Elliott’s resolute support to the British army, Ontario could have become an American state, possibly culminating in the United States realizing her long-held dream of annexing Canada.

In AMBITIOUS STRUGGLES, author James E. Sweeney presents Matthew Elliott as a heroic but flawed historical figure who relentlessly defends British North America; but only after abandoning his original plan of acquiring personal wealth in the fur trade in favour of following his friend loyal to the British cause. His story includes a fast-moving combination of loyalty, courage and greed that concludes with his achievements never being fully recognized or appreciated.


Length is 324 pages, Hardcover.

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